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Balance Sheet & Cash Flow

Streamlined, Automated Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Planning

See How to Create Fully Integrated Financial Statements for A Complete View of Performance


High-Quality, Customized Reports

Easily Create Reports Using the Latest Data and Publish Them in Microsoft Office Programs or Other Formats

Adaptive Revenue Solution

Accurate Revenue Management With Integrated Planning

See How You Can More Accurately Predict Revenue and Better Align Your Plans With Goals

Profitability Analysis

Profitability Analysis to Improve Decision-Making

Watch This Demo to See How Adaptive Insights Gives You Deep, Real-Time Insights Into What Drives Your Profitability

Expense Management

Better Expense Management by Accessing Key Cost Drivers

See How Adaptive Insights Gives You Full Visibility Into Expenses so You Can Better Manage Spend

Capital Management

Stronger Capital Management

See Adaptive Insights' Real-Time Capital Management Capabilities in Action

Financial Management

Plan, Model, and Analyze Your Business

See How Adaptive Insights Improves Your Planning & Budgeting


Powerful, Intuitive Dashboards

See How Cloud-Based Dashboards Empower Everyone in Your Organization to Spot Issues and Track Progress at a Glance

Financial Close

A Streamlined Financial Close

Accelerate Your Financial Close With Real-Time Consolidation, Automated Intercompany Eliminations, and More


Intuitive, Web-Based Planning Sheets

See How Easy We Make It to Move Away From Cumbersome, Error-Prone Manual Processes